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Movie ‘ETERNAL HOLOGRAM’ - reincarnation


‘ETERNAL HOLOGRAM’ - an American documentary about reincarnation

From early age, Julia woke up from her dreams and continued talking in other languages, the ancient languages out of several past lives.

During her present life Julia saw thousands of very detailed dreams about a past life in ancient Mexico. It had been puzzling her for many years until she visited the Chichin Itza pyramid. She felt that she had lived there before.


Julia, screenshot movie, made by smartphone


Numerous hypnosis therapists and past life therapists from Canada, the USA and the Netherlands proved that Julia is a re-born Maya priest.

In this movie (46 minutes) Julia explains that after death, our spirits do not die. Habits, experience and knowledge people collect during various life times is preserved in the spirit body, which is a multidimensional hologram. Our spirit is eternal.


Screenshot participants movie, made by smartphone

Distribution film documentary via, a Los Angeles based independent film and TV production company.

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In December 2013 the movie was shown on television in New York.

In February 2014 the documentary got 2 awards at the International Film Festival Canada in Vancouver.



Pas life therapist Marianne Notschaele in ‘Eternal Hologram’

Writer and past life therapist Marianne Notschaele-den Boer from the Netherlands can be seen in this movie for several minutes. She was filmed in Münich, November 2011.


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Marianne Notschaele in the movie, screenshot made by smartphone


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