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Free e-book – Past Lives – reincarnation stories ISBN 9789080628403



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Download the free eBook ‘PAST LIVES’ (1,3 MB/50 pages/ISBN 9789080628403) right here, a gift from RHA Publishing to our readers.



Free e-book PAST LIVES


Six lovely stories about reincarnation and past lives


1.   The driving force was fear – Lilly

2.   Pluto the black and grey cat, a ww2 past life story – Lilly

3.   The woman who foretold the Titanic disaster – Marianne Notschaele

4.   Your children are not your children – Jacqueline Troost

5.   We’ll meet again – Jacqueline Troost

6.   Going back – Jacqueline Troost


A special ‘thank you’ to Jacqueline Troost (CapeTown, South Africa) for contributing her three stories and for correcting the English text of this ebook.

Also a ‘thank you’ to Lilly for her two stories and to Robert Gendler for letting me use his astropicture for the cover of this e-book.


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Kind regards,

Marianne Notschaele-den Boer

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